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Who we are

Stavropoulos Catering is a company that takes action in the food service for over 15 years. We are in the region of Argolida but we can fulfill all your needs in southern Greece. We cover events with high quality catering services as well as food services of organizations and the public sector..

We plan receptions with high quality services. We organise wedding, baptism and all the important events providing all the necessary services. We provide the venue of the event you wish to have, all the necessary equipment for the reception and the satisfaction of your guests and of course high quality food and service from our specialized staff.

Η Stavropoulos Catering is the best and most secure choice for this important day of your life.

Party, Birthday, Festive, memorial , grand opening. We can provide you with quality food, equipment and full support with staff and serving according to the needs of the event. Choose the venue of the event, the endless choices of equipment and food and leave the rest on us.

Η Stavropoulos Catering undertakes everything for you without making you worry about their service, surely and responsibly.

We cover the daily supply needs of all organizations. Supplies with qualityfood and delivery to your place. Schools, prisons, social services of municipalities, feeding of the needy, sports clubs. We have all the necessary ISO certifications, health and national food organization approvals EFET that are required to meet the needs of all public and private organizations.

Stavropoulos Catering delivers food to your place, packaged,complying with all hygiene and quality standards from production to delivery daily..


Browse the world of luxury dining and see the options we offer you..

Stavropoulos Catering LEMPESIS ESTATE photo

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Lebesis estate welcomes you. In the middle of the field there is a stone building. However, there is no shortage of contemporary, modern aesthetics, simple décor and warm surroundings that will give a touch of diversity to your event.

Every corner in the whole field is a new image. The colours play with the contrasts of the pool water, the green of the huge garden and the brown of the wood that warmly embraces the exterior, while your entrance signifies a scenery with a lounge mood.

Stavropoulos Catering UTOPIA KARATHONA photo

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A unique place to celebrate! Utopia, as its name characterizes it, is located on the beach of Karathona under the rock of Palamidi in Nafplio,and it is full of facilities to host any kind of event.

Having a long experience in organizing events in this location, we can help you organize a unique event and enjoy your special celebration together with your guests.

Stavropoulos Catering SAINT PANTELEIMON photo

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On the road of the beach of Nea Kios, about halfway from Nafplio in front of the sea overlooking Palamidi is the Church of Agios Panteleimonas. It has a wonderful courtyard ideal for social events with comfortable parking.

The chapel of Agios Panteleimon is particularly popular with the locals because of the large festival that takes place in memory of the Saint on July 27th.

Stavropoulos Catering PROPHET ILIAS AT KOUTSOPODI photo

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At the top of the hill in Koutsopodi is the Prophet Elias. A beautiful chapel with a fantastic view of the Argolic Plain. It has a paved courtyard and plenty of space surrounded by trees in a magic location.

Ideal for events while it has a large and comfortable parking.

Stavropoulos Catering FOOTBALL CENTER photo

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On the main road between Argos and Nafplio you find the Football Center near the village of Dalamanara. An exemplar sports center for the data of our region and Peloponnese. The Football Center contains football pitches of 5×5 and 8×8 and also a complete playground for our little friends.Football fields 5×5 are suitable to organize any events you wish to have.

Children’s parties, sports events are only some of the events you can organize there. Give your child and his friends the feeling of an unforgettable party.


We have all the necessary approvals and certifications.


We have all the necessary Iso certifications and approvals of greek national food organizaton we have the approval of the (EFET) (national health organization) for the production of meals. We are certified according to the international standards ISO in order to ensure the food quality and safety. All our vehicles have certificates of the health organization.


Explore the world of luxury dining...

Stavropoulos Catering DISHES photo

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You can see a sample of the dishes we serve. Greek, traditional, Italian, ethnik cuisine with passion and imagination in our recipes. We apply all the hygiene rules in our cuisine and we are certified with 4 ISO but also with all the necessary health approvals from the sanitary and the official greek food organization

Our Dishes are cooked with first quality ingredients by a chef with years of experience in cooking. Book now a tasting test and we are sure that our dishes will impress you.

Stavropoulos Catering SERVICE photo

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Stavropoulos Catering undertakes the full service of your event. Services of waiter, assistant waiter, buffet and all other services that will be needed, are provided to you by us. Our staff is well trained and specialized for every type of event, they can cope with any challenge and face professionally any circumstance. We will be able to anticipate all your needs and offer your guests an unforgettable evening.

All staff working at Stavropoulos Catering has health certificates and follows all the rules of hygiene. We are particularly sensitive to the rules of protection from the transmission of COVID 19 by constantly training our staff with seminars..

Stavropoulos Catering BUFFET photo

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We can offer you a buffet for the convenience of your guests.

All dishes are kept warm and salads cold. .

Stavropoulos Catering EVENT EQUIPMENT photo

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Stavropoulos Catering has at its disposal all the necessary equipment for each type of event. Indoor or outdoor we can provide you with all the items you will need for your event. Awnings, corridors, candlesticks, fonts, tablecloths, chair covers and many more are just a sample of the equipment that the Stavropoulos catering company can provide to you.

All items will be delivered to your place by our experienced staff in excellent condition, if you wish we can place them in the area you will indicate to us and after the end of the event our staff will load all the equipment from your place.

Stavropoulos Catering DECORATION-SOUND photo

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We fully undertake the completion of your event by providing all the necessary services required by each type of event. Decoration of the place, lighting of the place, decoration of tables, flowers, music and music equipment, photographers, even clowns and inflatables for our little friends.

Browse our page and discover the existing options for configuring your event. Contact us to organise togheter the event in any way you wish..


Because we know the secret of success.....


The services we provide to you


Everything in your wedding should be perfect, unique, as you have dreamed of . The choice of venue and catering for the day of your wedding reception is an important matter and the choices you have at your disposal are several. But the ideal partner for this very important day of your life is also the one who will determine the success of your event. Stavropoulos Catering is the best choice for this important day of your wedding reception, as it provides you with high quality catering services and the opportunity to come to the place you will choose. Stavropoulos Catering in cooperation with many idyllic estates, has the ability to host your reception and turn your wedding into a fairy tale, keeping the luxury and unparallel aesthetics that fits in every place at this particularly important moment of your life...


Stavropoulos Catering has many years of experience in christenings and children's events. The particularity of a christening or children's event,lays in the fact that it must adapt not only to the appetites and needs of our young guests and regional services for their entertainment, but also to the amusement of adults. Our goal is all guests, young and old, to be pleased, so the venue of the event should be organised properly in order that our little friends will have their own space to play and have fun with toys and animateurs, but also their parents to be able to maintain eye contact with them without getting disturbed or worried..

Children's Party

Children's parties give great joy to our little friends but they also require enough preparation from the family. Our offer comes to relieve you from this process and includes:- a complete menu specially designed for our little friends with soft drink or juice – transfer of the menu to your place on time, in special disposable isothermal boxes for your children's party. For the party of our little friends Stavropoulos Catering offers you even a full program of entertainment from animateur with games, competitions and children's music if you want it. For more information about your children's party or for an offer regarding your event, no matter how small or big, please contact stavropoulos catering events team..

Grand opening

Stavropoulos Catering can provide you with high quality services with respect and responsibility to the customer. We are able to understand how important openings are for a new business. The first impression is also the impression that will be engraved in the customer's memory. With respect to our customer we are able to fully undertake the grand opening of your business or your company and take care of your guests. All items for the reception will be delivered to your place in excellent condition and placed by our experienced staff. All materials will be transported by us and placed by the staff at your place. At the end of the event everything will be loaded by our own staff from your place..

Social Events

Catering Stavropoulos has at its disposal all the necessary equipment for each type of event. Indoor or outdoor, for celebrations, parties and social events. Choose the space and we take care of the rest. Chairs, tables, awnings, dinnerware, tablecloths, chair covers and many more are just a sample of the equipment that catering stavropoulos can provide. We undertake the placement and offer the best service to your guests. You can choose whatever you want from our menu and add your own preferences.

Service Catering

Catering Stavropoulos is able to cover the daily supply of schools, public services, hotels and any other organisation that offers daily food services to its customers. Packed meals, breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, afternoon snacks, dinner buffet are only some of the services we can provide. Catering Stavropoulos, recognizing the needs of businessmen, has the ability to supply your business with the menu of your choice with responsibility and professionalism. We can offer you the services you want at the best price of the market and without compromising our quality. Contact us to organize together the suggestions that will meet your needs..

Cocktail Bar automobile

Give a glamorous element to your events by offering your guests the magic of the retro automobile bar. Enjoy your cocktail under the moon or give a touch of charm to every event. Our Barman is ready to please you with any cocktail that suits your desire. We offer you a retro automobile bar with or without a barman, for rent. Contact us now or visit the for more information


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